I want everything I need to measure the radon in my house with full support from a certified professional.
Shine Some Light On An Invisible, Harmful, Radioactive Gas Called Radon.
"How would you like us to provide you with the facts, information, and means to..." 
Your families health and safety depends greatly on the environment you live in every day. Protect their lungs from the harmful effects of radon. Here is how you can do exactly that.
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Why 'Shine A Light On Radon' now? After all this time, why now?

For everyone it's different...

For some of you, you are worried about your kids or parents getting sick in your own home. That's a sense of guilt no one wants.

For others, you may have been diagnosed with lung cancer or you are currently recovering from lung cancer, or you have a lung condition, and you want to better your odds. Nothing wrong with improving your chances.

And then for others of you, you just don't want anything in your home causing you any sort of harm or concern on a consistent and daily basis. I hear you. Our home is our sanctuary!

Before I explain my goal behind this radon measurement kit, let me ask you a couple questions...

From: Mark Simon
Where: Ontario, Canada
Why 'Shine A Light On Radon' Now?
The most important things to know about radon:
1) It's a naturally occurring, radioactive gas that comes from the breakdown of uranium deposits deep underground.
2) It rises up through the ground and into homes/buildings, where it then gets trapped and builds up more and more - some homes/buildings have higher concentrations than others.
3) It's the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.
4) Only recently has it become known as a serious health issue among the general public in Canada thanks to research, surveys, experiments and testing shining a light on the major health implications around radon gas exposure.
5) The most accurate, reliable way to measure radon is by performing a long term radon measurement (min. 90 days) and having a certified lab analyse the radon detector (alpha track).

Have you heard about radon and now you wonder how much radon is lurking in your home?
Maybe you have no idea what radon is, but you don't mind learning about it?
Check out what Doctor Aaron Goodarzi, Associate Professor at the University of Calgary, has to say about radon and testing your home for radon.
Low concentration of radon? Check.
Healthy, cancer-free lungs? Check.
Kids are safe from something they can't see, smell, hear, feel? Check.
No more worrying about radon and its harmful effects? Check.

Get the radon in your home measured so you can check it off:
Radtrak2 - Alpha Track
Here I am holding up different radon measurement devices. Each of them have their own specs, features, design, utility. The Radtrak2 is the most accurate and reliable long-term measurement device on the market. We put one Radtrak2 in each kit.
The Radtrak2 device is analysed by an accredited laboratory in Chicago.

Accreditation guarantees the quality of a radon measurement, in part because the laboratory’s measurement processes are regularly checked by independent organizations. However, most of the world’s radon laboratories are not accredited, which to many might seem a little strange. Why is this? Firstly, accreditation entails a large additional cost and secondly customers do not demand it, but this is expected to change.

The definition of an accredited radon measurement is a measurement obtained using radon detectors from a laboratory which is accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 and follows the instructions that accompany the detectors.
  • One Radtrak2 alpha track detector necessary to perform a long-term radon measurement - a certified, accurate, and reliable device backed by a certified lab.
  • One information sheet. On one side it asks for your basic information along with details regarding when and where you placed the detector. On the opposite side is a set of instructions which tells you exactly how to deploy the alpha track radon detector and what to do after the 90 day measurement has finished.
  • One ziploz bag for the detector to be placed in after the measurement period is over.
  • A fact sheet regarding radon as it relates to smokers.
  • A radon reduction guide for Canadians. In case you do have a high level of radon, this guide will tell you exactly what you can do to lower the radon concentration in your home. Produced by Health Canada.
  • A shipping envelope to place everything inside.
  • A shipping label to go on the front of the envelope.
  • All lab analysis fees paid for.
You get all this value for only $79.99 - Originally $175.00
  • Lab will both email you the results and post them to your online account, which they already set up for you.
  • On-demand assistance and support from Simon Air Quality should you have any difficulty using the radon measurement kit. 
I want everything I need to measure the radon in my house with full support from a certified professional.
I don't want to measure the radon in my home. I just want you to come and remove it once and for all.
  • My business card. If you have any questions, feel free to call, email, text me any time. You will reach me directly and I will reply to your inquiry right away!  
Option to buy 1 test kit for $79.99 and get the second one for 25% off. Just click the big green button above. After purchasing one test kit you will be offered a second one for an additional 25% off! No way you say? I say yes way! That's how super serious I am when it comes to helping you dominate the radon gas lurking in your home!
There is one more thing...
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